Important to Identify 3 Categories Of Water Damage

Identifying the correct category of water damages is essential to enable a water damage restoration company to create and execute an action plan cohesively.

The Institute of International Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is a reputed American National Standards Institute standards developer. It is a well-known institute in the cleaning fraternity and is responsible for producing standards for the cleaning and restoration industry. As per the current standards addressing water damage restoration, water is described in 3 categories as per its degree/intensity of contamination.

Below mentioned are 3 basic categories of water:

Category 1: (Clean water)

In this category the water is originated directly from a sanitary source, and is usually harmless and contains no risk from ingestion and inhalation.

A few of the examples of category 1 water include: melting snow, broken supply lines, rainwater, and overflows of a tub and sink. Broadly speaking, category 1 water does not pose any substantial risk, but the water may become contaminated when mixed with soil or floor coverings.

Ensure that with the help of water damage restoration specialists in Thousand Oaks, get the damages clean before the water degrades to category 2.

Category 2: (Grey water)

Water falling in this category contains a bit of contamination and also has the potential to cause a bit of a discomfort and sickness if contacted or consumed by humans and pets. Besides, the grey water may also contain unsafe levels of microorganisms and nutrients for microorganisms along with organic and inorganic matter.

A few of the examples of category 2 water include: toilet bowl overflows, sump pump failures, and the overflow of water from dishwashers and washing machines.

In order to repair this type of water damage, professional assistance is required. Thousand Oaks water damage specialists are highly trained and well equipped to carry out the water removal process remarkably well.

Category 3: (Black water)

Water in this category should be attended immediately as it is highly contaminated and pose a significant threat to humans and pets. Here, excessive rain may cause stagnant water from drains and toilets and can affect drinking water. Black water can contain pathogenic, toxigenic, and other harmful agents, which can cause immense threat (including death and serious illness) to the residents of the house.

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So, when water damage strikes, don’t hesitate in giving us a call. Have faith in our skills, and we promise to never disappoint you!

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